“Experience and enjoy the essence of novelty eyes brings to your life enhancing it with passion and excellence”

eyesTouch Coffee Table

Coffee table is not really a coffee table. It is the newest technological aspect that can be used to read newspapers, pdfs alongside the entertainment provided through videos and games.

"not made of wood but of creativity"

eyes outdoorTouch solutions

Enhancing digital experience to outside environment bringing entertainment and technology to one place.

Giving you an experience that you haven’t had before, touch panels where you can play and enjoy games.

augmented reality

Touching without touching!

Imagine! There is a screen infront of you. Nevertheless, you can’t touch it; do not want to touch it. What you have to do is to move your hands and the screen will do the rest. i.e.the screen will work according to your hand movements.

That is AR. Interesting, eh?


Of course it is a necessity. There are lots of things one can do with mobile apps and we - eyes help in that process by fulfilling your desires with trustworthy, creative, eye-catching and effective apps. Moreover, we bring the novel concept of Vuforia to your palm.